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Pelayanan Bahasa Inggris GKI Salatiga

English Service in GKI Salatiga is the service where people worship God by using English during the service. The service is done in every month on the first week at 09.00 WIB in Aula II GKI Salatiga. This service welcomes everyone who wants to learn and improve their English skills.


 Many foreigners who are from   America, Australia, Russia and   Singapura who come, stay or live in   Salatiga join this service. It is an opportunity for students or others congregation of GKI to learn and practice their ability in English to learn from the foreigners.


  At the end of the service, the congregation will have a fellowship time that opens an opportunity for anyone who wants to share or have a talk with the foreigners and the other congregation. there will be snacks and coffee and tea that make you enjoy the fellowship time.


Furthermore, this service has Bible study that people can gather and share with each other about their life story and they will pray together. This service is held once a month in the second week. The place of Bible study can be done in Cafes, Home, church, or other comfortable places.  Come and join the service!





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