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Do you know what will happen to your future? Do you know how you will be? Are you curious about your life for the next day? Week? Month? Year? 

Friends, do you have experience when people around you ask these questions?

Almost everyone worries about their future and what will happen in their life later if they hear the questions. I want to share something about one of my friends who worried

about her life because her Mom and Dad have passed away since she was in senior high school. She worried about everything that she did not have hope or future anymore. The condition made her stress because she had to stop for a year to go to college. Then, she said that she did not believe in God anymore because she was angry about things that happened in her life. She said that God did not exist because He has taken her parents that made her stop to go to college. One day, God spoke to her friends when she was walking down the street, her friends called her asked her to go to their church. She rejected her friends to go with them. She cried to her friends and told them that she would not go to the church  because she did not have a future anymore and God Himself didi not care. Her friends hugged her and told her that Jesus loved her more than anything and He never left her alone. They prayed for her and told her that she was not alone, she had Jesus who always accompany her everytime and everywhere. 

 After that, they asked her to go with them in the church. After they arrived in the church, they worshipped and prayed to God. The God’s words were taken from Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plan I have for you, declares the Lord “the plans to prosper you and not to harm you and plan to give you hope and a future”. She is blessed with the God’s words that God always be with her and prepared a good future for her. Holy Spirit came into her heart and told her that God loved her so much! And now, she got a full scholarship from the government because she is a smart girl.

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Do you believe in God when you face many problems in your life? We will never know about His plans in our life. We do not need to be curious and wonder what we will be in the future. He already prepared everything. What we need to do just wait His time. We do not need to worry about what will happen in the future.    


People said that problems are our friends that help us to grow and to be stronger in facing whatever the condition or the situation that you face. Keep trusting in God and never give up to believe Him! He always be with us and He will lead us on the right path.


Jesus loves you and me. He is in our heart, our life and in our mind. God knows everything about us because He is the creator. What we need to do now is we need to pray and worship Him and God will bless us with His amazing grace and miracle. The story of my friend is the example of a person who did not want to believe in God because she did not have parent anymore who raised her education. But, do you know when she came back to Jesus what happen? God gave her a scholarship because God never leaves her alone.


We might not know when the right time that God will give what we want. We just need to wait and be patient! God is our everything and our saviour! Worship Him and glorify His name!

God Bless!

May, 23. 2018

Written by Nona Ela

 Serving with Love 

What I know about serving with love is something that we can do with a sincere heart without forcing from others. Friends, how many times that you have done good things in life by serving in sincerity? Jesus already done it for us since He was in the cross to help us as sinners. He did everything because of Love and sincere.  He went to one town to another just to meet His people to tell about His words. Jesus has already done everything with love. How about us ? have we served our friends, family or others around us with love? 


Let us count how many times that Jesus have blessed in our daily life. It is uncountable, right? I want to share the positive impacts that we will get if we serve with love like what Jesus has done to us. 

 Serving with love give us an opportunity to do what God wants us to do I corinthians 12 teaches us about how God wants us to follow His command about serving others with love. We serve as what that God has done to us. If He gives us the chance, we have to take it with a sincere heart. Jesus is the best example for us to do things in our life. You will be blessed, when you do things to others with love, you also will be blessed by God. He will bless for those who serving others with a sincere heart. Serving is God's command that  we have to do. It is a kind of praising God because He helps us and He becames a good example for us. God also serves His people with Love or a sincere heart. God  loves people who do good things and He will bless  everyone who praises His name. God bless!



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